Access these Dank Edibles in DC

Looking for some tasty cannabis edibles in DC? Then you need to check out Sugar Ray’s! They’ve got a great selection of delicious edibles, including Baghead Boys Gummies, Hash Rosin Truffles, and Georgetown Kush Cakes. Plus, they offer fast delivery service so you can get your hands on these goodies ASAP!

Want some Dank Edibles in DC? Know your Weed Laws First!

THC edibles are a great way to consume cannabis, especially if you’re not a fan of smoking weed. They offer a different set of effects that can be similar to/or even more potent than what you get from smoking a joint.

Now hold your horses! Before you begin to indugle in recreational cannabis, it’s important to understand weed laws in Washington DC.

Can you even buy and snack on weed edibles legally in DC without a medical card? Let’s find out!

Is Weed Legal in Washington DC? Yes!

Even though it is still illegal on the federal level in the United States. Marijuana has been decriminalized in Washington DC since 2014 and then legalized in 2015.

Adults over the age of 21 can possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana at a time, grow up to six plants in their homes, and gift up to one ounce of marijuana to another adult legally.

Also, say goodbye to the medical marijuana dispensary and medical cannabis. Recreational marijuana is available to all at any recreational dispensary or weed shop without a prescription from a dc health official.

One thing that is still illegal to do is sell cannabis. This weird law made it difficult for dispensaries to have a legal pot business in the DC area until they figured out they can “gift” weed with a purchase of another item such as art or collectibles legally.

At Sugar Rays the process to get marijuana edibles is super simple and legal! All you need to do is purchase one of our collectible trading cards and get a free edible gift of your choice with your purchase.

Learn all about buying weed legally in DC!

I-71 Compliant Cannabis Gifting in Washington

In order to stay compliant with Initiative 71, Sugar Rays cannot sell cannabis but they can offer it as a free gift with the purchase of another item.

This makes it easy and convenient for customers to get their hands on some delicious cannabis edibles without having to worry about breaking any laws.

Once you buy one of Sugar Ray’s collectible cards you will get to choose your free edible gift that will come with the order.

Check out our article to learn more about cannabis gifting laws in DC.

Get your Hands on the Best DC Edibles!

At Sugar Rays, we offer the best selection of tasty edibles with a high potency of cannabis concentrate for all DC residents.

Our edibles are made with high-quality ingredients and offer a delicious way to consume cannabis. Plus, we offer fast delivery service so you can get your hands on these goodies ASAP!

#1 Baghead Boys Gummies Extreme

These sour patch kids look-alikes definitely do the trick and at the same time treat your taste buds.

The extremes are 2x more powerful and potent than their original counterparts.

Plus the classic fruity gummies are coated in a sugary crunch for a tasty and potent high.

#2 Milkshake Truffle (Georgetown Kuskcakes)

This edible is one of the best available. Even its packaging is wonderful.

Coming in an elegant white box with Georgetown’s logo stamped on top. Once the box is opened you will notice that your rich treat is wrapped in a shiny red foil.

After unwrapping you will see your yummy white chocolate treat with a cookie and cream cake filling is ready to be savored with every bite.

#3 Hash Rosin Truffles

Continuing with the amazing options offered by Georgetown Kushcakes is the Hash Rosin Truffles.

Coming in multiple different flavors (like the milkshake option above) these ooey gooey chocolatey treats are something that you don’t come across often.

With a sweet chocolate outer shell with a milkshake, mint, or dulce de leche gooey center, these treats are something that you simply can not eat all at once.

Too bad they have 200mg of THC from the marijuana flower in each truffle.

Otherwise, we would be snacking on these nonstop.

Where to Buy Edibles in DC

Sugar Rays is the obvious answer when it comes to where to buy your cannabis edibles and cannabis products in DC.

With a convenient online order process and fast delivery service, you can get your hands on these delicious edibles in no time! Not to mention, our edibles are made with high-quality ingredients and marijuana flower to make it a delicious way to consume cannabis.

How it to get your edibles today

Step 1 – Log in/Create an account at Sugar Ray’s

Step 2 – Head over to our shop and place the edibles and cannabis products you want to get delivered in your cart, once you are satisfied with your order click on checkout, fill out your information, and click on complete order.

Step 3 – If you have any special delivery instructions please write them in the comments section of your order.

Step 4 – Once we have received your order you will get a confirmation email and then a follow up call/text to set up a delivery time to get your edibles and flower.

You Can Choose a DC Dispensary Or, Get your Weed delivered!

With the many changes in the cannabis industry, you now have more options than ever before when it comes to where to buy your cannabis products and weed. You can choose a dispensary or, get your weed delivered right to your door!

If you want the convenience of having your weed delivered right to your door and not go to a marijuana dispensary. Then Sugar Rays is the obvious choice. We offer a fast and discreet DC weed delivery service so you can get your hands on our delicious edibles without having to worry about leaving your house.

Who would have thought getting your hands on delicious edibles would be this easy?

We got your Mouthwatering, Didn’t We? 

To be honest I can’t believe you are still reading this and not on the checkout page for our yummy edibles. I am sure your mouth is watering and getting them dropped off right at your door couldn’t be easier with our weed delivery services. Place your order now and get your goodie bag of edibles delivered within the hour by one of Sugar Ray’s highly-rated delivery drivers.

Don’t miss out on these delicious weed products and edibles, order now!

Enjoy your Treats Now with Sugar Rays Weed Delivery!

main delivering weed in dc

If you are looking for the best DC Edibles, then look no further than Sugar Rays. We offer a delicious selection of edibles that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Plus, our fast and discreet delivery service makes it easy to get your hands on these treats without having to leave your house. Order now and enjoy your delicious Washington DC edibles in no time!