Step-by-Step Guide to Legally Buying Weed in DC [2022 Update]

Since 2014 the use and possession of recreational marijuana have been legal in Washington DC. But did you know that it’s illegal to buy weed in DC?

Now, don’t worry, fellow pot lovers! You can still get your hands on some world-class DC weed safely and yes, legally. You just need to familiarize yourself with the marijuana laws in DC and the wonderful world of weed delivery services.

Wait! Is Weed Legal in DC?

Buying weed in DC is technically illegal. However, the state of Washington has permitted the recreational use of marijuana.

So, what’s going on here? Can I buy recreational marijuana in DC?

Hold on to your wallets! DC weed might seem ‘hard-to-get,’ but it’s not! Under initiative 71, the possession and use of recreational marijuana are indeed legal. But, what’s illegal is selling weed in DC, aka selling for money.

Quick Facts on Marijuana Laws in DC

Alright, alright. Understanding the marijuana laws in Washington, DC is a little bit much. So, we’ve summarized the key facts you need to know about initiative 71.

  1. Adults 21 years and over can legally possess and use up to two ounces of recreational marijuana.
  2. DC I-71 states that adults can only use recreational marijuana within their private property. It is illegal for an adult to consume and use marijuana products in a public space.
  3. Selling recreational weed in DC is illegal. Adults cannot choose to sell recreational weed for money or a service.

Getting Weed in DC; It’s All About Gift Shops.

Remember how we mentioned that you couldn’t buy weed in DC even though its use and possession were legal?

There’s a loophole, and it’s all about going through marijuana gift shops.

Now it’s crucial to remember that Initiative 71 states that a person(s) cannot legally sell any form of marijuana – sell – meaning – there is no money exchanged for that weed.

But, here’s the critical part – an adult over the age of 21 years can legally “gift” marijuana to another adult 21 years and over.

And that brings us to the meat of our main topic – how do marijuana gift shops in DC work? Simple…

  1. Visit Sugar Rays Weed Gifting Dispensary in DC: A dispensary in DC won’t sell marijuana. Instead, cannabis lovers can choose to purchase fun-creative merch like collector cards or even some art. And, there’s a bonus… you’ll get some of the best weed in DC gifted to you.And, don’t worry, we’re I-17 compliant!
  2. Make sure you’re an adult: If you want to participate in our DC weed gifting system, you’ll need proof of identity. After all, DC dispensaries can’t gift mother nature’s greens to those below 21 years.

And, don’t worry, we’re I-17 compliant!

Washington, DC – everyone knows how busy its streets can get! Sometimes, you just want to chill out at home and get someone else to do the hard work.

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Buying weed in DC, well, that’s illegal. So, get it gifted to you instead.

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Where Can I Use Legal Marijuana in Washington, DC?

Now that you’ve been gifted legal marijuana, it’s important to address the second part of the state’s law, which is about using your legal DC weed.

Remember, DC residents cannot smoke or use their marijuana products in public spaces. This includes streets, bars, buses, federal grounds, and playgrounds.

So, where can you smoke weed in DC?

The safest place to smoke weed is on your private property.

That being said, DC residents know a few good ‘safe spots’ locals go to enjoy their DC weed. But, we still recommend using it at home, after all, you don’t want to do something illegal.

Sugar Rays DC Weed Delivery Service Gifts you Nothing but the Best Legal Weed in DC.

Alright, now that you’re more aware of how to ‘buy’ weed in DC, it’s time to get to the fun bits. And that is getting your hands on the best DC weed.

So, here are our top picks on the best DC weed you need to add to your collection.

Chocolate Diesel Marijuana Strain.

It’s pungent, it’s flavourful, and it’s full of thc! The chocolate diesel marijuana strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that shares a sweet lineage with the Chocolate Thai and Sour Diesel.

This dank-tasting bud is packed with an array of phytocannabinoids which include potent levels of THC and CBD.

It’s euphoric goodness! Every puff energizes your mind and sends you straight to cloud 9.

Truly a must-have for anyone wishing to supercharge their night.

Purple Krunk, aka The Rarest DC Weed Strain

Let me introduce you to an Indica like no other – the Purple Krunk! Bold, beautiful, and packed with goodness, this Indica-dominant hybrid has gained quite the following amongst DC residents.

Every smoke of her dank deliciousness leaves the body feeling numb and relaxed. The relaxation comes in waves, eventually overtaking the mind and leaving you with a carefree smile.

For these reasons, we believe this DC weed strain pairs well with those looking to unwind and chill out for the night.

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